**NEW Ramosu | Regenerating Spot Face Cream

**NEW Ramosu | Regenerating Spot Face Cream

  • 9.000 BD

Mucin helps strengthen the skin barrier. Kelp, yam, and okra extracts rich in mucin and active
agents like phytogenic squalene and adenosine add elasticity to wrinkles around eyes,
nasojugal fold and neck.

They also improve dark skin tone and rough skin texture, creating a bright and lively skin. 

• Prevention of skin aging, improvement of blemishes and freckles
• Intensive elasticity enhancement of eye rimes / mouth area / neck wrinkles
• You can feel the effect after 30 seconds.

After using a toner, Pat a small amount of cream onto areas of eyes, forehead and
nasolabial folds. And gently tap with fingers until it is absorbed.
If you apply it on the entire face, it will improve overall elasticity, creating firm skin.