**NEW Ramosu | Ramosu 28 Days Sweet Cream 50ml

**NEW Ramosu | Ramosu 28 Days Sweet Cream 50ml

  • 8.500 BD

Right after applying to the skin, excellent moisturizer, pomegranate extract ingredients and hibiscus esculentus extract are moistly absorbed into the skin without greasiness.
It also presents the skin with full of moisture. It makes damaged skin, caused by dryness, clean and fresh.

-48 hour highly concentrated hydration for dry skin

-whitening / anti-wrinkle

• Stimulating skin elasticity through collagen synthesis promotion (anti-wrinkle)
• keeping the youth with own viability of cell (anti-wrinkle)
• Improvement of skin pigmentation, redness reduction, DNA damage restoration, reduction of melanin (whitening)

[How To Use]
On the last stage of skin care, spread on face beginning from center and moving toward the edges.