• 19.500 BD

Absorbed in deep skin layers and lasting 12 hours, the intensive skin-whitening ampoule
makes dark and unbalanced skin bright and clear by combining natural vitamin C which
penetrates into deep skin layers to control the formation of dark pigments with liquid which
helps skin-whitening.


[How to Use]
1. Remove the protective plastic wrap.

2. Press the top of the plunger button firmly to release the powder into the liquid below, and shake the entire bottle to mix ingredients.

3. Once the mixing is complete, remove the plunger cap and replace with the dropper-tip cap.

4. Gently squeeze the bulb of the droppertip cap to control flow. After cleansing, apply to your entire face morning and evening.


• It is effective to apply at least 2 times per day.

• You will have the best effect to use within 7~10 days after mixing.