**NEW M. ASAM | Perfect Lift Instant Effect Formula

  • 18.500 BD

The innovative texture is easy to apply and visually reduces forehead wrinkles, wrinkles, crow's feet, bags under the eyes, drooping lids, naso-labial folds and facial pores. Whether on special occasions or every day, this little miracle can be used by anyone who already has their first wrinkles visible. Depending on the skin type and appearance of the wrinkles, the intensity of the effect is perceived differently. The duration of the effect may last for several hours, but it goes out completely after.


Dab a very small amount of the Lifting Effect Gel on the wrinkles in the face to be smoothed. Then let the product dry well. Apply make-up and powder afterwards.

Reduce frontal wrinkles to the temples
Lift eyebrows and tighten sliploins
Optically reduce the depth of the wrinkle fold
Relieve crow's feet and bags under the eyes
Smooth Naso-Labial fold
Balance enlarged pores and matt complexion