Mavala | Double Lash Limited Edition Kit - 3Pcs

Mavala | Double Lash Limited Edition Kit - 3Pcs

  • 8.500 BD

1. Eye Care Double Lash - 10ml

-Eye lashes are an essential element of face beauty.
-Double-Lash contains a natural extract rich in vitamins and proteins that strengthens, covers and protects the lashes which will then become longer and stronger.
-This care helps lengthen and densify lashes, which will be more fuller and silkier

2. Kohl Kajal - Black
-With their firm and effective texture, Kohl Kajal allows to ring the eyes for a light or sophisticated make-up.
-They faithfully leaves the colour, does not smudge and long-lasting.

3. Eye-Lite Eye Makeup Remover Gel
Soft texture protects the skin from chafing
Fabricated with absorbent material that effectively removes waterproof make-up
Reinforced lining inhibits fraying