**NEW Ramosu The Star Mild Sunscreen SPF50

**NEW Ramosu The Star Mild Sunscreen SPF50

  • 6.500 BD

This light textured sunscreen absorbs quickly and leaves no white cast, no greasy feel
enhancing and evens skin tone with soft, velvety finish.


It is hypo-allergenic sunscreen suitable for not only adults but also sensitive Skin and
• Natural phytogenic extracts hydrate and soothe sensitive skin irritated by UV rays and
external harmful environment.
 - Apple, Orange, Tomato, Walnut, Pear, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Persimmon, Mulberry, Broccoli Extract.


• SPF 50+, PA+++

• Offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays and prevent the skin from burning.

• It is great for daily use and outdoor activities.

• Long-lasting protection against UV ray


• It is water-resistant type, making it perfect for swimming or physical exercise.
This water resistant properties prevent it from washing away as you sweat.


It matches your undertone naturally without leaving a white cast on your skin. It brightens the
uneven skin tone