**NEW Bomb | Body Scrubs 365ml

  • 4.500 BD

Pink Marmalade Made with sweet almond oil and pure lemongrass and clary sage essential oils.

Grapefruit & NectarineA lightly grained oil-based body scrub to use in the shower. Made with sweet almond oil, pure Grapefruit and Mandarin essential oils to help your skin shine!

Espresso Yourself: Made with Coffee, sweet almond oil, pure Frankincense and Black Pepper essential oils to help your skin shine!

PepperlandA blend of green Lemongrass notes fused with spicy Black Pepper forming an oriental heart.

Dr foot scrub: A zingy and refreshing foot scrub made with moisturising Shea Butter and Sunflower oil. Also containing Black Pepper and Lemongrass essential oils to enliven and condition tired feet.