**NEW Ramosu | Secret of 28 Days Ampoule set (SALE!!)

**NEW Ramosu | Secret of 28 Days Ampoule set (SALE!!)

  • 21.000 BD
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※ Ramosu Secret of 28 Days 9 Ampoules in set

01. Ramosu Hyaluronic Acid Solution 100% 10ml x 1ea

02. Ramosu Galactomyces ferment filtrate 100% 10ml x 1ea

03. Ramosu Bifida Ferment Lysate 100% 10ml x 1ea

04. Ramosu Aloe Vera Leaf Extract 100% 10ml x 1ea

05. Ramosu Snail Mucin Filtrate 100% 10ml x 1ea

06. Ramosu Propolis Extract 100% 10ml x 1ea

07. Ramosu Argan oil 100% 10ml x 1ea

08. Ramosu Collagen Ampoule 200 10ml x 1ea

09. Ramosu 28 Days Magic Clear Ampoule (7ml+0.3g) x 1ea


1  Natural moisturizing factor, hyaluronic acids concentrate 100%

As a part of the body,  hyaluronic acids exist in skin and lips.
It is essential body constituent that sustains body moisture. This skin friendly natural moisturizing factor makes the skin moist and firm with collagen.

2  Improvement of deep wrinkles

Material of water gloss injection and filler, hyaluronic acid forms thin membrane on the skin surface and it pulls and fills moisture which is hundreds of times more than its weight, from deep wrinkles to hollow part on the skin surface. And this solution forms one layer of invisible mesh structured mask to prepare against various wrinkles.

3  Moisture filling • Skin damage prevention

• It pulls the moisture and prevents moisture evaporation from dry environment and external stimulation. It saves skin moisture and blocks penetration of bacteria as well as toxins.
• It supplements moisture of dry, loose, rough and dry skin due to UV rays and stress. It also prevents skin damage.


• After face wash in the morning and evening, take 1~2 drops of the product and spread lightly to be absorbed well.
• Moisture will be deeply lasted longer when mixing small amount of hyaluronic acid concentrate with other items.
• when doing makeup in the morning, it is good to apply after mixing small amount of the product with essence, lotion, cream, sun cream or BB cream.
• Upon applying independently, it sustains deep moisture when finishing with moisture cream or oil.
• In the evening you don't put on make up, spread enough amount of product like moisture pack, finish with cream or argan oil. You may have moist and soft feeling on the next day.
• When using sheet pack, gel mask pack or gum pack, it will give you deeper moisture after applying hyaluronic acid concentrate.